V3D Interior Furnishings

The Activate Sofa


The Activate Sofa Lounge in style. A versatile addition to a family room, apartment, office, or small living space, Activate is a cozy modern sofa made with dense foam padding, and upholstered in soft polyester fabric.The Activate Sofa Rounded cushion corners and complementing accent pillows grant this sofa a contemporary look that’s echoed by its calming color, streamlined profile, and subtle wood legs.The Activate Sofa Say goodbye to the days of hauling heavy furniture. Activate offers modern-day convenience as it ships directly to your home or apartment in a portable, compact box. The Activate Sofa with a casual yet tailored aesthetic, this living room sofa easily unpacks to become a favorite lounge spot in your home. Sofa Weight Capacity: 1102 lbs.

Overall Product Dimensions31.5"L X 70"W X 33.5"H

Seat Dimensions20"L X 62"W X 19.5"H

Armrest Height From Seat7"H

Backrest Dimensions8"L X 62"W X 13.5"H

Armrest Dimensions30.5"L X 4"W X 25"H