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Design Report: Top Trends Featured at High Point Market 2020

V3D Interiors Founder and Interior Designer Angela Genereux recently attended the largest furniture tradeshow in the world: High Point Market. While COVID-19 halted many of this year’s events, High Point was not one of them! 

Angela walked through dozens of showrooms to curate the best furniture choices, discover new brands, and pinpoint next year’s most popular trends. 

Here are her takeaways of what’s trending in home decor: 

Metal Accents

Need something to stand out in a room? Say goodbye to bright colors and hello to metals. Metal pieces can pop without being overwhelming while still maintaining a classy look. These are our favorite metal pieces from our own store, below.

(Pictured: Glow Round Mirror)


Marble and Stone as a Neutral

Speaking of classy, marble and stone pieces were a hit at High Point this year. From side tables to dining tables and cabinets, marble and stone can add a neutral and subtle touch.

(Pictured: Haru Side Table)

Mixed Styles

When you think “modern,” an all-white room with glass windows and plain, minimalist furniture may be what comes to mind; however, we have always loved to mix and match. Angela observed that modern pieces were often being mixed with more traditional pieces to add depth to design.

(Pictured: Torino Extendable Dining Table)

Statement Pieces

A statement piece is what will draw all the attention in a room. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bright color, just something funky and eclectic -- and we saw LOTS of these at High Point! A fun chair like the ones pictured below can totally transform your space.

(Picture was taken at High Point Market) 

Maximizing Space

Chunky furniture is out, transformable furniture is in! One of our favorite pieces at the show was a coffee table that could be extended up to 10 feet to become a dining table. Realistically, you’re not going to use a huge dining table every single day. That’s why extendable tables are a new favorite! Keep it small so it fits in your everyday space, but have the option to make it as big as you want when needed.

(Pictured: Ritz Extendable Table)

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